Pace Taylor is an artist working and breathing in Portland, OR, centering their work in queerness. Using soft pastel + graphite as tools, they carve out impressions of identity. Through a funny blend of anxiety and curiosity, Pace scrutinizes intimate gendered moments—compromising and/or dissonant— daily moments, and outputs illustrated abstractions of that paused space. Pace is emotionally preoccupied with the busyness of intersecting identities, and chooses to examine and to deconstruct how those identities operate under the gaze of outside forces. Pace received their BFA in Digital Arts from the University of Oregon in 2015.


curiculum vitae

exhibitions _2018-19

Fruit Salad Club’s Fruit and Friends \ group \ p:ear, Portland, OR

Prequel’s The View From Here \ group \ c3: Initiative, Portland, OR

Finding Figures \ group \ Project Object, Portland, OR

Prequel’s I’m Glad I Came \ group \ ADX Gallery, Portland, OR


How to Peel an Orange \ solo \ Fruit Salad Club, Portland, OR

Strange Dreams \ group \ EcoTrust, Portland, OR

Joy as Resistance \ group \ UNA Gallery, Portland, OR

OUTWORK \ group \ First Congregational UCC, Portland, OR

donated work _ 2018-19

Disjecta Annual Artist’s Auction \ Disjecta, Portland, OR

Ori Gallery Year of Asé \ Disjecta, Portland, OR

ACLU of Oregon Uncensored Celebration \ Lagunitas Community Room, Portland, OR


BFA Digital Arts_ University of Oregon_ 2015